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Name Position Phone Suburb State
Charlie Ausbrooks Pastor, Liberty 270-622-1802 Scottsville KY
Doug Pitchford Pastor, Mt. Gilead 270-618-5009 Scottsville KY
GJ Farmer Pastor, Scottsville Baptist 270-237-3451 Scottsville KY
Jamie Edwards Pastor, Trammel Fork 270-590-1830 Scottsville KY
John Mark Williams Pastor, Rough Creek 270-622-4874 Scottsville KY
Michael Richey Pastor, Holland Baptist 270-590-3987 Scottsville KY
Rodney Knous Pastor, White Plains 270-237-4222 Scottsville KY
Ron Wells Pastor, Bays Fork 270-348-4379 Alvaton KY

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Allen Baptist Association
P.O. Box 1183
Scottsville, KY 42164

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